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Solarufo - Dimensions: 210x50cm - Material: PP film

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Playingly discover children "physics and movement" when the solar Ufo is driven by the energy of the sun.

Material: PP film. Dimensions inflated: 210 x 50 cm from 3 years.

Attention! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Danger of strangulation!

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The principle is simple: you take a thin-thin black bag, close it on one side, wait until air penetrates and fills the bag and bind it now. In the sun the air heats up and rises upwards. A dragon that works without wind. Great! But here was the problem: we never had winds. But only with absolute wind silence you should let the Ufo rise, otherwise it tears. Other probators said it would be so fast, so far I can neither confirm nor deny it.

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