Motoric toy ball sound - material: wood, metal - height: approx. 19 cm, Ø approx. 10 cm

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The hands play, the ears perceive, the eyes are amazed. The colourful wooden balls run their way through three motor loops that are interwoven. When shaking, the broken wooden discs move in the cycle and give the tone! This motor toy must not be missing in a children's room!

Age: from 12 months
Material: wood, metal

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Colorful „Holz-Kinderrassel“ - Loopty Loo

A total of 47 wooden beads are arranged on 5 colourful motor tracks in order to animate the little ones on the ground and to listen to the beautiful racial sound.

A small pusher is enough, and already “Loopty Loo” rolls and the little ones on all fours after. Placed or laid on the table, the colorful beads of wood can be imaginatively moved and named or counted by colors. Wood toys are always a good choice, especially for small children's hands.

Age: from 18 months


Data sheet

Recommended age
from 12 months
Height: approx. 19 cm, Ø approx. 10 cm
Wood, metal

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